Feedback Tracker

An anonymous feedback tracking system

Project Purpose

At a company I worked at, I observed a definite gap between the communication of the employee and the manager. When aked why, many confessed they were afraid of compromising their current position. This is where feedback tracker was formulated.

The goal of feedback tracker was to make an anonymous submission system. A user can create a post containing details that they wanted to suggest or fix about the company or project. Once the post is created, other users are then able to "upvote" or "downvote" it depending on their opinion. Issues that many people agree with will have a higher number of upvotes. A manager will then be able to log into the system and address the issues that many people have highlighted anonymously.

Technologies and Frameworks


Object-Oriented programming language


Javascript MVW framework

Go Martini

Martini is for quickly writing modular web applications/services


Javascript Framework Repository


NoSQL database

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