Project purpose and future planning

Project Purpose

ScoreGuard was originally written with the intent to keep an individual accountable to their todo list. Using the point scoring elements of game play (gamification), a person can create a task or event and assign a certain weight. If the task is completed, the individual will be awarded the amount of points that the task is worth. At the end of a week, a total is calculated and a certain percentage determined based on what was accomplished by this person.

The idea of Scoreguard is that if a particular individual scores too low, they will take a realistic view on what they can actually accomplish in a week. On the other hand, if they start scoring too high then this could be an indication that the individual is able to take on more responsibility.

Technologies used

Ruby on Rails

Ruby framework using the object-oriented programming language Ruby

Postgres / SQL

Postgresql is the database used by Ruby on Rails


The UI uses many elements of bootstrap to function

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